Our Pack Leaders

Our Management Team

Lysa and Paul Clemens
Raised in an animal-centric household, Lysa has had cats, dogs and horses (and 1 rat and 2 raccoons) in her family for her entire life. For almost 10 years, Lysa and Paul owned a large horse boarding facility in Middleburg, while they were both working as corporate executives. During that time, they were constantly seeking out dependable and genuinely caring sitters to take care of their furry clan while they were working and traveling. After deciding to escape from corporate America, they knew they wanted to focus on filling a need for busy pet parents to have peace of mind knowing that their fur-kids are happy and well taken care of when they can’t be at home. They assumed ownership of Walking Wetnoses in 2016.

tucker-photo-for-websiteTucker: Chief Groundhog Control Officer
Adopted from PetConnect, Tucker has demonstrated a propensity for groundhog (and raccoon and squirrel and mouse) control – helpful, yes, until he brings his trophies inside to cuddle with them on his dog bed! Smart and friendly, Tucker loves to go on long hacks and nap in the office.
Merlin: Chief Security Officermerlin
Adopted from Save the Tails , Merlin is a momma’s boy, a barn dog, and a generally sweet, friendly, and lazy guy – and greets strangers with lots of barking and grumbling. He likes to keep people guessing on the outside, but spends his days as close to his mom as he can get.


Polly: Chief Greeting Officer
Adopted from PetConnect, Polly’s best skill is making friends. She has never met a stranger, gives out kisses freely and endlessly, and wags her tail so hard her whole body wiggles! She is an expert cuddler – she can outcuddle the other dogs and cats combined.
Jillian: Internjillian
Recently adopted from PetConnect at 6 months old, Jillian is still figuring out what she wants to be when she grows up. Her natural skills include sleeping in the dog bed, making a dog bed out of the pillows on mom and dad’s bed, and playing with (or annoying) the other dogs.


mickey-and-divinity-for-siteCats: Compliance Department
All adopted and rescued, the 5 member compliance department (Ziva, Tigger, Gigi, Mickey and Divinity) keep the dogs in line and make sure the people stay on schedule – at least the cat feeding and petting schedule. No one in this department actually works for a living.
Horses: Peanut Gallerybrumby-photo-for-site razed-for-website